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Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

Name: Crystal.
Age: 18. A wonderful age!
Location: A little town in Michigan.
Sexual Orientation: Bi-curious o^^o. A womans body is one of the most beautiful things on the planet. I can't understand how a guy can be gay. However I don't find myself being -really- attracted to a woman -- not enough to devote a part of my heart, soul and life to her in that more romantic and sensual way.
Marital Status: Taken. <3 Rob. Halfway through our second year being together :D

Body Modifications: Notta whole lot. Two ear piercings on each of my lower lobes and a tat. on my wrist.

Promote Somewhere[& tell us]: http://dearneko.livejournal.com/profile

5+ Bands: 1. The Birthday Massacre 2. Groove Coverage 3. Barenaked Ladies 4. Spice Girls 5. Conjure One
5+ Movies: 1. V for Vendetta 2. What Dreams May Come 3. Mulan 4. Jurassic Park 5. Step Into Liquid

This or That
Rain or Shine: Shine. Though I must say I love a great thunderstorm and dancing in the rain!
Summer or Winter: Summer. I love winter because of the beautiful snow... however it hardly ever snows enough.
Reading or Movies: Movie. Unless it isn't so good... then I'll probably start reading.
Friends or Family: Friends. I Wish I was closer to my family but I'm just not.
Cats or Dogs: Dogs. They're generally more playful and I can do more activities with them. <3
Blonde or Brunette: Brunette. Though I've seen some hot blondes.
Eighteen or Twenty-One: 18. I don't drink and don't ever care to. =/ Thus not a big deal to me.

Charity: Donating to one... I don't trust that. I do however highly encourage doing what you can to help improve someone elses life. Even if it's only a smile and a hello.
Homework: I love it as long as I feel I'm benefiting from it. If not... *shrug*
Self-Mutilation: Scares me. It's simply something I don't understand.
Masochism: Love it to an extent. In fact need it to an extent.
BDSM: I adore collars, cuffs, leashes, some bondage and acting roles is always fun. Pull my hair, bite me, choke me... and if you hint or tell me you like it too I'm more than willing to return the favor. But, [there's always a but O.o''] I don't like bleeding, I don't like pain that lasts more than a few min. etc...
Obesity: I'm familiar with that. I once weighed around 200lbs. Pure fat. I disgusted myself every time I saw my reflection. I hid from everyone and escaped though video games and drawing. Then one day, a couple years ago, I woke up and wanted to make something out of myself. I wanted to be someone that positively influenced other peoples lives so that they don't ever have to feel like I did :D Am I digressing? On the other hand large people with a strong self-esteem are very awesome, I admire them.

And finally, post five{5} or more pictures of yourself here. Body shots are a plus:
Though my hair changes a lot in these they are all within the last year. I just recently dyed my hair purple, thus those are the most recent <3

<-- The tattoo :D

...and this because I think it would give most of you here a smile

He locked himself in there XD [His name is Keith. Definitely not mine. Adorable none the less.]
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