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If it feels good it's a sin [entries|friends|calendar]
You Are What You Eat

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Real Eyes Realize Real Lies [Friday
December 30th, 7:30am]

applicationCollapse )
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December 13th, 8:30pm]

CandyCunts is now offically back in business ladies.
Invite all your friends & tell them to invite their friends.

All entries must be friends only, thank you.

Yours Truly
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Candycunts is back [Thursday
December 8th, 7:59pm]

Attention Everybody:
I am bringing Candycunts.
Since there are over 700 entries, I will either need a lot of help deleting them, or I just won't bother & leave the old entries as they are.
If you'd like to help out, AIM me at Combat Bettie OR
reply to this post. Thank you.
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**Update** [Saturday
September 4th, 10:42pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I made a new layout. I figured this Nocturne picture would best represent us. (: Hope you all like it. Uhm, and once again, I'm leaving in a week for Europe and I need somebody to take over for the three weeks that I'll be gone. If you think you can handle the job, post your qualifications. :P

Yours Truly

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-Stamped- [Friday
September 3rd, 2:17pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

La la la, picture post... hmm, I need to dye my hair again.

Marjory Stewart-Baxter, you taste like sunshine dust!Collapse )


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real eyes. realize. real lies. [Friday
September 3rd, 2:32pm]

[ mood | awake ]

my hands are at your throat & i think i hate you.Collapse )

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September 2nd, 9:54pm]

Tomorrow (friday) night, I'm leaving for the weekend. I get to go visit my dad at our lakehouse (oh yay! and please note the sarcasm). I'll be back Monday.

Good luck to anyone who's in Florida. Don't get blown away or anything >.< <3

Get some more beauties in here!
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Real Eyes Realize Real Lies [Thursday
September 2nd, 9:33pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

Application...Collapse )

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September 2nd, 2:36am]

Dear Community,
Due to Hurricane Francis, I am not going to be active for a week or two. I am sorry, but since the eye will be less then 100 miles away, I am sure I will be without power for that time period.

I apologize again, and hope to talk to you all soon.

Thank You,
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**stamped** again.. [Wednesday
September 1st, 1:24am]
I know Ive already posted about this but ive spent the night doing some updating to my "gorgeous gals" page. If youd like to exploit yourself and plaster your pics all over, as I like to do ;-) , then please.. SEND ME YOUR PICS. Whether youre sending pics for the first time, or ive already put you on the page... if theres any pic changes or extra links and info youd like for me to add just let me know. So heres how its coming along...

Celina's Gorgeous Gals

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stamped // first post [Wednesday
September 1st, 1:27am]

[ mood | crappy ]

pictures x2Collapse )

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**stamped** To my lovelies... [Tuesday
August 31st, 7:29pm]
I pretty much think that every gal in this comm. is absolutely gorgeous. Ive decide to devote a page on my website to all the lovely gals I come across. With the help of a few Ive gotten the page started and up. this is it: Gals That I Find Hot So now.... I need you allCollapse )
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August 31st, 6:29pm]

New pictures..

Read more...Collapse )
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Real Eyes Realize Real Lies [Tuesday
August 31st, 4:15pm]

my appCollapse )
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August 31st, 2:19pm]

Ok, so I went away for 4 days, knowing there would be a few new applications and so on when I got back, but I didn't even slightly expect such a huge rush of racist, homophobic twats applying. what the hell has been going on here? I got so angry reading through some of the things that have been said..ugh. We need some more beautiful people to apply.
Sorry I still havn't posted any more pics, I will get round to it eventually!
For now I'll just keep up giving my blunt and usually overly angry opinions and so on.
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Real Eyes Realize Real Lies [Monday
August 30th, 10:57pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Name: Michelle
Age: 15
Location: Riverside, nj
If you could live anywhere else?:preferably the beach.. i like to be warm and look pretty in my bikini baby ;)
Why are you joining this community?: bc i want to.. is there any reason that i shouldn't? i dont see it.. meet some new people that like the same kinda things i do, maybe make some new friends.. fun times
Where did you hear about candycunts?: my friend kaitlyn.
Body Modifications?:4 holes 2 in each ear, lots of scars.. i like to bleed..
Single?: hell no. i have a bf but most importantly i have a fucking beautiful wife.. we like to go on wifey dates together.. fun times in the hot tub let me tell you..a little alcohol always spices up the mood a lil ;)
Bisexual? Homosexual? A little bit of everything?: Everything baby.. i handle a bf and a wifey and make them both happy :) i'm just that fucking good
10 bands that you like:
-->lucuna coil
-->3 doors down

5 movies that you like:
-->halloween.. mostly all of them
-->lion king
-->american pie
-->american history x

What are your opinions on:
Bulimics: fuck no.. if u wanna throw up all your food go for it.. does it make u feel prettier when you throwing up all your meals trying to be perfect?
Racism: i am against all people that act like niggers.. if your an asshole your a nigger.. but in some circumstances..it pays to be bitchy
Pac Man: video games control your mind body and eventually your soul
Drugs: all for.. i dont do drugs.. but if alchol is not available do what u can and party baby
Gay/Lesbian Marriage: go for it.. fuck laws.. rules are ment to be broken
Sex: yes yes yes yes OHH baby :)
Piercings & Tattoos: pain is beauty .. i love bellybutton and tongue piercings they are fucking amazing..
Arrogance: nah im not feeling it if your gonna be cocky and self centered u better be beautiful to back it up
Favoritism: all is fair in love in war.. everyone has favorites :)

Word Association (first word to come to mind):
Simplicity: smell
Fame: and fortune.. wheres theres fans theres money.. if i strip do i get money?
Glamour: beauty
Love: physical love :) make it rOugh
Family: asshole.. i cant stand my family
Denial: LieS.
Animal: TIGER .. in more ways then one
Anorexia: perfection.. starve yourself for perfection..nahhh

Random questions:
Are you a virgin?:HELL NO
Have you ever thought about jacking off a sea monster?: will u be my sea monster?
How far have you gone with a girl?: Ohh baby all the way ... the wifey likes it the most in the hottub.. Mmm mMm
With a boy? i run the bases about 3 or 4 times a day EVERYDAY..
What's something you really regret?: i regret nothing...i dont live life to wanna take it back and redo.. i've made mistakes suffered concequences..moved on.. im ready to make some more mistakes now :)
What is the most important thing in your life?: My Wife and my Bf
Do you have any pet peeves?: the color white.. i dont like to see the color white on people..unless it has chains or bondage with it.. but as far as long white t-shits.. go kill yourself..i dont dress gangster and i dont support it
What are you most intolerant of?:people that piss me off, my parents, not being comfortable and not looking pretty
Promote this community either in your personal journal, or in a community, and tell us where(Not Optional): userinfo in my journal

And finally, post at least three{3} or more clear pictures of you:


a lil cleavage action..ohh baby

 me and my wife showing a lil back side ... woo woo baby

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real eyes realize real lies [Monday
August 30th, 9:53pm]

[ mood | determined ]

everytime you click this I give ♥Madi♥ a gina massage with my tongueCollapse )

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stamped, x-post [Monday
August 30th, 8:34pm]

oh my god, i took pictures!Collapse )
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x-post. <3 [Monday
August 30th, 3:33pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

Oo la la.Collapse )

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stamped baby. [Monday
August 30th, 2:22pm]

Hey there you lovely girl loving girls.

Madi, I was wondering if it would be okay with you if I started a candycunts over at DJ. I'm usually over there more than here at eljay. How many of you guys have deejays?

let's make out, violent and so innocent.Collapse )

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