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Candycunts is back

Attention Everybody:
I am bringing Candycunts.
Since there are over 700 entries, I will either need a lot of help deleting them, or I just won't bother & leave the old entries as they are.
If you'd like to help out, AIM me at Combat Bettie OR
reply to this post. Thank you.
I blank you - MINE


I made a new layout. I figured this Nocturne picture would best represent us. (: Hope you all like it. Uhm, and once again, I'm leaving in a week for Europe and I need somebody to take over for the three weeks that I'll be gone. If you think you can handle the job, post your qualifications. :P

Yours Truly
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Tomorrow (friday) night, I'm leaving for the weekend. I get to go visit my dad at our lakehouse (oh yay! and please note the sarcasm). I'll be back Monday.

Good luck to anyone who's in Florida. Don't get blown away or anything >.< <3

Get some more beauties in here!

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Dear Community,
Due to Hurricane Francis, I am not going to be active for a week or two. I am sorry, but since the eye will be less then 100 miles away, I am sure I will be without power for that time period.

I apologize again, and hope to talk to you all soon.

Thank You,

**stamped** again..

I know Ive already posted about this but ive spent the night doing some updating to my "gorgeous gals" page. If youd like to exploit yourself and plaster your pics all over, as I like to do ;-) , then please.. SEND ME YOUR PICS. Whether youre sending pics for the first time, or ive already put you on the page... if theres any pic changes or extra links and info youd like for me to add just let me know. So heres how its coming along...

Celina's Gorgeous Gals